2 wheeler or 3 wheeler – which scooter is best for toddlers

Kick scooters provide your children with enough physical fitness and strength that can be provided only by sports and exercise. If you are looking at this now, you probably want to buy a kick scooter for your toddler. For this, you must first know the riding experience it will provide. Ultimately, 2 wheeler or 3 wheeler - which scooter is best for toddlers needs to be decided. And the scooter varies from one child to another. 

Riding experience provided by a 2 wheeler:

2 wheeler has the advantage of having fantastic portability and convenience. It requires a bit more balance to master than the 3 wheelers. On the other hand, it will make your child sharp enough to make amazing athletic turns. It eventually increases his/ her maneuverability.

Riding experience provided by a 3 wheeler:

Riding a 3 wheeler will come with added stability. It is because of its 3 wheel design which allows it to stand on its own. Thus, the most excellent stability is provided by it. Again, it will come with axle steering. Your child just needs to learn to move. The disadvantage of riding a 3 wheeler is your child needs to plan before making a turn. So, the fact is that the scooter will not allow your child to make sharp turns.

Difference between 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers:

The key differences between 2 wheelers and 3 wheeler are mentioned below:


Some toddlers need the confidence of being balanced or stable on a scooter. For such toddlers, the 3 wheeler scooters are absolutely perfect. It provides them with incredible stability because it can stand on its own.
If your toddler does not need stabilizers to ride the scooter, the 2 wheeler scooter will be suitable for them. This shows that your child can balance on the deck of the scooter properly.


A 3 wheeler comes with axle steering which uses the tilt and lean technique for movement. Your child will simply need to tilt on the direction he/she wants to go and lean towards it. It will allow them to turn in that direction. It is a bit difficult to turn this way. 2 wheeled scooters are more like bicycles. You need to use the handlebars to move around forwards or backwards. If your toddler is used to such steering, then the 2 wheelers will be perfect for them. 

In all cases, it depends on your child and their ability to master the scooter.


If you are looking for a range of varieties, neither the 3 wheeler nor 2 wheeler will disappoint you. Both kinds of scooters come with several variations. 3 wheelers come with a total of 4 varieties. On the other hand, 2 wheelers come with just 2 to 3.

Either 2 wheeler or 3 wheeler scooter would be good for children?

You have experienced with us all the pros and cons of both the 3 wheeler scooters and 2 wheeler scooters. You can now decide on your own which one is the best. Again, both scooters can be considered as a good scooter for children. Selecting the perfect scooter for your child depends on their ability to balance and coordinate.

If your child is not comfortable with balancing on their own, the 3 wheelers will be the best scooter for them. It guarantees incredible stability. On the other hand, your child can be confident about balancing and does not need extra support. Then the 2 wheelers will be perfect. It makes them more athletically sharp.

The ultimate decision depends on your child and their ability to balance. When you go for buying the scooter, remember to take them and test it out. No matter which scooter it is 2 wheeler or 3 wheeler, if they think it is better for them, but it. Also, remember to keep their safety in mind. A safe and comfortable scooter is best for any rider.

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