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The mobility scooter is a great way to move independently for those who are not blessed with regular body movements. They allow such people to move helplessly and comfortably both at indoor and outdoor. The scooter comes with a lot of advantage when compared with the normal wheel-chairs. The best thing about the mobility scooter is it doesn’t require a second person to push as it is operated on battery or electrical power. Moreover, these scooters are well-optimized and have multiple features to provide the user with a decent and comfortable ride. Some of the new best mobility scooter for outdoors comes with some advanced and unique feature which makes the ride much easy and convenient.

If you are shopping a mobility scooter for the first time, then you may feel unsure about the available choices. There are a good number of such scooters available in the market, but it is a confusing process to choose the right one amongst these. However, don't worry, we are here to help. Today in this article, we will explain how to choose the right mobility scooter as well introduce you some of the market-dominating and well-equipped mobility scooter for your loved one.

Mobility Scooter Comparison Guide

​Product Name






​Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel

126 pounds

 (Shipping Weight)

​6.3 mile

​275 lbs.


​33 pounds

​15 miles

​200 lbs.

​Pride Go-Go Ultra XSC44X 4-Wheel

​97 pounds

​7.2 mile

​260 lbs.


​155 Lbs

​18 mile

​330 Lbs.

​Golden Technologies Buzzaround XL


​13 miles

​300 lbs.

​Easy Travel Elite Folding Lightweight Travel

​64 lbs.


​250 lbs.

​Pride Mobility Go-Go Sport S74

​100 pounds (Shipping Weight)

​14.5 miles

​325 lbs.

The 7 Best Mobility Scooter for Outdoors

The below-listed products are some of the market-dominating mobility scooters of the current time. They have been chosen by considering the quality, features, and impression of the customers who bought these previously. We have discussed the feature and suitability of the mobility scooters in below:

1.  Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter by Pride

Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel

The Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter is one of the best mobility scooter for outdoors currently available in the market. It is also one of the best value mobility scooters which come at an affordable price without sacrificing the quality. The mobility scooter comes with three wheels which provide excellent maneuverability in a tight space.

Moreover, the wheels are well-optimized to offer a smooth drive and a sharp turning radius. It can be an excellent pick for those who want needs to travel on a high range. The scooter comes with a 6.3-mile drive range, and it can go at a top speed of 4mph. It also has forward and reverse control options for the ease of the user. 

The Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter guarantee a comfortable ride for you or your loved one. It comes with an attractive fully-padded and faux-leather seat which is also adjustable up to different height. As a result, the rider will get a relaxing ride from the scooter every time. The scooter is also famous for its higher transportability. It can be easily dissembled into five lightweight pieces and fits any trunk whenever needed.

The heaviest part of the scooter is only 27.5 lbs. And most of the users can easily carry them independently. The scooter will be an excellent choice for those who want a durable and smooth ride on a long-range at an affordable price.


  • ​Equipped with three wheels for easier and comfortable driving.
  • ​The scooter has a 6.3-mile drive range.
  • ​4MPH top speed; perfect for a person with less body movement.
  • ​Weights only 27.5lbs with compact size; easy to transport.
  • ​Forward and reverse controlling capability for ease of use.


  • ​Provides great maneuverability and smooth ride.
  • ​275 lbs. of weight lifting capability.
  • ​Comes with a top speed of 4mph and 6.3-mile driving range.
  • ​Strong and powerful 12v.batteries.
  • ​Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • ​Light-weight scooter, perfect for travel.


  • ​Not good for tough terrains.

2.  GLION SNAPnGO Travel Mobility Scooter

​GLION SNAPnGO Travel Mobility Scooter

The GLION SNAPnGO Travel Mobility Scooter is premium quality and advanced mobility scooter that comes with a lot of optimization to provide the best experience to the user. The heavy-duty travel mobility scooter is made with lightweight but durable to easily accommodate in your car's trunk or anywhere else. It is effortless and quick to disassemble taking only a few minutes to disassemble. 

The whole scooter weighs only 33 pounds, and at first sight, it may seem like a toy to you. But the components of the scooter are so good that they can weigh up a 300 pounds person without any problem.

​Moreover, the scooter has a powerful lithium-ion battery which allows you to a 15-mile travel range per charge (for a user weighing around 200 lbs.) You can go anywhere you want with it.

The GLION SNAPnGO Travel Mobility Scooter offers a good number of amazing and advanced features to make your every ride memorable. It has an electronic pass which is viewable from the LCD screen, electronic brake, parking brake manual handbrake, three different speed settings at 3, 5, and seven mph, and much more. It also has a comfortable padded deluxe seat and adjustable padded armrest to provide the ultimate comfort to the user.

You can also switch out the seat for a more comfortable travel bike seat (which is not included). The footrests are also well-designed and comfortable for resting your legs. Overall, the modern, advanced travel scooter is an excellent choice to buy if budget is not a problem for you.


  • ​Premium Quality builtwith proper optimization.
  • ​Weighs only 33 pounds; easy to transport and storing.
  • ​300 pounds carrying capacity; perfect for over-weighed persons.
  • ​Three different speeds setting for a better maneuverability.
  • ​LCD display to show you different measurements.


  • ​Comes with a bunch of advanced feature for a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • ​Lightweight and compact modern design for better maneuverability.
  • ​Comfortable padded seat with an option to change.
  • ​Easy to disassemble within a moment, perfect for traveling.
  • ​Large 15 miles range and three different speed option.
  • ​Multiple braking systems for additional safety.


  • ​No cons.

3.  Pride Go-Go Ultra X SC44X 4-Wheel Electric Travel

​Pride Go-Go Ultra X SC44X

If you are searching for a short-range mobility scooter to commute nearby areas, then search no further. The Pride Go-Go Ultra X SC44X 4-Wheel Electric Travel Scooter can be a perfect suit for you. The easy to control scooter comes with simples feature to give you a smooth, hassle-free and comfortable ride. 

The best thing about the mobility scooter is it can be easily disassembled into five parts for storing purpose. It can be easily stored in the smallest corner of your home or any vehicles including most of the car, truck, SUV.

​The scooter comes with a feather-touch disassembly mechanism which allows you to disassemble it within a few seconds easily. It also has a large rear basket to store your goods while shopping as well as a universal cup holder allow you to enjoy your drink on the go.

The Pride Go-Go Ultra X SC44X 4-Wheel Electric Travel Scooter comes with a highly-luxurious deep-cushioned stadium seat which will ensure your comfort while riding. The seat is adjustable as per you want to suit with your height. The scooter can support around 260lbs. of weight which should be perfect for most of the peoples.

The scooter's battery range is around 7.2 miles, and the highest speed is four mph. Moreover, the batteries are air-drop to allow you to charge both at onboard and off-board. It means you can make even the charge them without unloading the scooter from your vehicle. The scooter has four wheels to provide better stability to the rider.


  • ​Equipped with four wheels to provide a smooth performance.
  • ​260lbs weight capacity; perfect for most of the people.
  • ​Comes in a compact size; easy to transport and store.
  • ​7.8 miles range with 4mph speed.
  • ​12AH airdrop battery which supports both onboard and off-board charging.


  • ​Easy to assemble within a while with feather-touch disassembly.
  • ​Easy and user-friendly control panel.
  • ​12AH airdrop battery which supports both onboard and off-board charging.
  • ​Four wheels for better stability while riding.
  • ​Luxurious, deep-cushioned and adjustable stadium seat for proper comfort.
  • ​Universal cup holder and a large basket for the user convenient.


  • ​Low speed.
  • ​Shorter range.

4.  BUZZAROUND EX 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Long Range


The BUZZAROUND EX 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Travel Scooter is one of the most stylish and well-designed scooters available in the market currently. The gorgeous looking scooter came with upgraded as well as durable components which offer a premium quality travel to the user. With different safety features and 60-inch lap belt, the BUZZAROUND EX is a perfect scooter for the seniors. Seniors will be secured at their seat, and with the rear and front double-suspension, they will get a safe and smooth ride. 

The limited edition scooter comes with a luxurious stadium-style seat which is filled with comfortable padding.

​Moreover, the seat is adjustable up to different levels for the better convenient of the user. The sat comes in two variations, 18 inches and 20 inches allowing the user to choose the proper one for him. It is built with high-quality and strong materials and easily carries weighs up to 330 lbs.

The BUZZAROUND EX 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Travel Scooter comes with a wireless U1 battery which allows you to travel for 18 miles with every charge. It also features a wraparound Delta Tiller, a new KED battery gauge which allows the user to see remaining battery life.

Moreover, there is also an ultra-bright LED angle-adjustable headlight which allows the user to ride the scooter in the night.Another exciting thing is the scooter comes with an easy disassemble system. It can be easily dissembled within a few seconds in four easy steps. Moreover, the components can also be stored in a smaller space such as in the back of your car or a little corner of your house.


  • ​Stylish and well-designed construction with heavy duty performance.
  • ​Equipped with durable and high-end premium components.
  • ​Extended 18 miles of driving range in every charge.
  • ​Different seat sizes; to accommodate different person easily.
  • ​Four steps easy disassemble within a few seconds.


  • ​Extended 18 miles of driving range in every charge.
  • ​Front and rear suspension for a better for better stability.
  • ​Comfortable and luxurious stadium seat.
  • ​Well-designed and easy to use scooter specially designed for the disables.
  • ​LED Battery gauge to see the remaining battery life.
  • ​Four steps easy disassemble within a few seconds.
  • ​Ultra-bright and adjustable LED headlight for night rides.


  • ​Wide turning radius.
  • ​Takes a long time for charging.

5.  Golden Technologies Buzzaround XL 4 Wheel Power Scooter

​Golden Technologies Buzzaround XL

The Golden Technologies Buzzaround XL 4 Wheel Power Scooter is an excellent choice for better maneuverability and comfortable outdoor rides. It is one of the best mobility scooter for outdoors  which is also the lightest one. As the manufacturer claimed, the scooter comes with an oversized deck to provide a better foot and legroom than any other scooters available in the market. The flexibility allows you to stretch your legs properly while riding and leave the scooter easily. 

Moreover, the deck is non-slip so that the people with weak legs don't slip while using the scooter.

​The scooter comes with four wheels to provide a better balance and stability while riding. The tires of the scooter come with electromagnetic brakes which are very easy to use and work correctly whenever needed. The user can go through any obstacle smoothly with these solid ties. As the tires are solid, it doesn't require much maintenance.

The Golden Technologies Buzzaround XL 4 Wheel Power Scooter comes with a weight of 109 pounds which is less than most of the mobility scooter available in the market currently. Besides, you can also easily disassemble the scooter whenever needed and efficiently transport the lightweight components whenever needed.

The scooter has a deep-cushion stadium style seat which provides excellent support and comfort to the rider. Moreover, it has a delta tiller with wraparound handles which is a great feature for the users with low hand motion to control the scooter easily. The scooter with a speed of 4 mph and 8 miles of range is a perfect choice for those who want to go shopping, travel the park or commute around the neighborhood safe and comfortably.


  • ​Weighs only 109lbs; one of the lightest mobility scooters.
  • ​300lbs weight limits; perfect for overweighed persons.
  • ​Equipped with four wheels for better stability.
  • ​It has four mph speed and 8 miles of range.
  • ​Delta tiller with wraparound handles; perfect for low hand movement.


  • ​Slip-resistant and extra 3-inch legroom for better convenient.
  • ​Comes with four wheels for better balance and stability.
  • ​Electromagnetic brakes which work effectively with minimal maintenance.
  • ​Weighs only 109 pounds and carries up to 300 lbs. of weight.
  • ​Easy to disassemble in pieces for transportation or storing.
  • ​Deep cushion and stadium style comfortable and supportive seat.
  • ​Easy to control with less effort.


  • ​No cons.

6.  Easy Travel Elite Folding Lightweight Travel Electric Mobility Scooter

​Easy Travel Elite Mobility Scooter

The Easy Travel Elite Folding Lightweight Travel Electric Mobility Scooter comes with a unique and rare design. It has an in-wheel-motor design which means the motor of the scooter is inside the front wheel. As the manufacture claim, this is the only scooter available in the market with such innovative technology. 

This design saves a lot of spaces in the scooter and makes it very lightweight. Moreover, it also makes enough space on the scooter for easy steering. The total weight of the scooter is 58 lbs. (without the battery) Which makes it a perfect fit for transportation.

​It can be easily folded into pieces, and heaviest piece only weight 27 lbs. As a result, you can easily transport this scooter as per you want.

The Easy Travel Elite Folding Lightweight Travel Electric Mobility Scooter is uniquely designed and well-optimized to provide you a decent ride. There is a heavy duty nylon protective travel cover which is designed to provide 45% more stability than the other typical scooters. 

Most of the scooter available in the market comes with a center seat post for attaching the seat which makes the rides uncomfortable. But the scooter comes with four-point seat structure and ensures the most balanced and stable ride ever. It has an easily removable SLA battery which can be charged within a while. You can go at a speed of 3.7 mph with 250 lbs. weight limit. 


  • ​Comes with a stylish, unique and rare design.
  • ​Better performance with in-wheel motor design.
  • ​3.7 mph speed; perfect for people with less body movement.
  • ​250 lbs. weight limits; perfect for most of the people.
  • ​Heavy-duty nylon protective travel cover for higher durability.


  • ​Five-star award winning scooter.
  • ​Innovative in-wheel-motor design for a comfortable ride.
  • ​Weighs only 58 lbs , one of the lightest mobility scooters in the market.
  • ​Easy to disassemble into pieces for transportation in any vehicle.
  • ​A four-point seat structure for 45% additional stability than the average scooters.


  • ​Very small range.

7. ​Pride Mobility Go-Go Sport S74 4-wheel Electric Travel Scooter

Pride Mobility Go-Go Sport S74

Pride  is a reliable name when it comes to mobility scooters. That is why have featured multiple mobility scooters in our list from the manufacturer. The heavy-duty and stylish scooter is packed with a variety of feature to give you superior performance. The scooter comes with 325 lbs. of weight which makes it one of the best mobility scooter for outdoors with highest weight-lifting capability.

Another impressive part of the scooter is it comes with heavy duty and long lasting 18 AH battery which offers am ample 4.7mph top speed and 14.5 miles per charge.

​As like as the other mobility scooter of the Pride, this one comes with the feather touch disassembly technology for easy and quick disassembly. The scooter can turn in to 5 pieces for fitting into most of the cars, SUVs and vans trunk. The heaviest part of the scooter is its front section, which weighs around 44 lbs.

The Pride Mobility Go-Go Sport S74 scooter has the Sport's wraparound Delta tilter feature which allows you to relax your fingers and hands while driving. It is a great feature for the people with limited motion in hands. There is a bright LED light which helps to drive safely in the night. Moreover, it comes with four wheels to provide a stable ride for the user. It has 9-inch tires and 3-inch ground clearance which can perfectly handle any outdoor terrains. 

The scooter also includes a variety of Challenger accessories. There is a large rear basket to carry your items, and universal cup holder to enjoy your coffee on the go, and a luxurious armrest bag to keep your goods dry and close while riding. Though a heavy duty and feature-rich mobility scooter, the Pride Mobility Go-Go Sports S74 are available at an affordable price.


  • ​Feature-rich and heavy duty mobility scooter.
  • ​Long lasting 18 AH battery offer 145 miles of travel per charge.
  • ​9-inch tires and 3-inch ground clearance for rough terrains.
  • ​Wraparound Delta tilter feature for relaxing your fingers and hands.
  • ​Bright LED lights which help to drive safely in the night


  • ​Feature-rich, high-performing mobility scooter at an affordable price.
  • ​Long lasting 18 AH battery offer 145 miles of travel per charge.
  • ​Feather touch disassembles technology for easy disassembly.
  • ​Lightweight parts make it perfect for transportation on any vehicle.
  • ​Four optimized wheels to deal with any terrain perfectly.
  • ​Included Challenger accessories for the convenience of the user.
  • ​325 lbs. Weight capacity, perfect for most of the peoples.


  • ​52-inch turning radius, not perfect for indoor use.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Mobility Scooter

There are some certain factors that you need to consider before buying a mobility scooter. The consideration will ensure that you will get the perfect and suitable according to your needs. Here is some of the important consideration that should be made while choosing a mobility scooter.

Capability of the Scooter

It is highly important to choose a scooter according to your weight. Mobility scooters available in the market come with different weight capability. However, most of the scooter available in the market has weight load capability around 260 lbs which is perfect for an average person. If the scooter is going to be utilized by an overweighted person, then you should look for a scooter which can carry much weight like 300 lbs. to 330 lbs.

It is also necessary to consider the weight of the scooter as you need to carry it in the time of storing and transporting. The mobility scooters are normally made lightweight to carry easily. Check the weight of the scooter carefully to ensure whether you can carry it or not.


The battery is also important while choosing a scooter. Batteries ensure the range of your travel or how long you can go on every charge. Normally, the scooters come with equipped batteries, and the battery type mainly varies in gel cell, lead-acid and AGM. It doesn't matter what types of battery your scooter have, what you have considered is how long it can go. 

​Most of the scooter available in the market comes with an average range of 8 to 10 miles which is ideal for simple daily works. However, some of the scooters also offer a bigger range of around 15 to 18 miles.


The control of the mobility scooter also varies from one to another.They come in different flexible controls to suit different type of users. If you have any disability, then you should choose a scooter that allows you to use the controls efficiently with the disability. The best way to choose mobility scooter is giving a test drive to the scooter you are considering to buy. This is the best way to ensure the comfortability and suitability of the controls. The salesperson can also assist you with the control.

Folding or Disassembly

Mobility scooter needs to be stored or transported very often. As a result, you must choose a scooter which can be disassembled or folded. The disassembly function is better than the folding function as it allows you to break the scooter in different parts and carry it much easier for your car. There are different types of disassembly mechanism in the mobility scooters. Choose one which allows you to disassemble the scooter quick and easily.


The seat of the scooter also needs to be checked carefully. The seat should be supporting and comfortable. It is highly important to consider while you are going to ride it for a long time. The mobility scooters seat come with different type of covers. However, the fabric and the vinyl cover are normally popular.

The fabric is much comfortable than the vinyl, but it is also the costly and hard-to-clean option. The seat of the scooter should be adjustable at different heights, and it should include armrest. Moreover, the size of the seat also needs to be considered according to the user. 

​Frequently Asked Question about Mobility Scooters (FAQ)

Here is some of the frequently asked questions about mobility scooter with the answers:

Can I transport passengers on my mobility scooter?

No, the mobility scooters are only made for the driver, and you are not allowed to carry customer. However, if the scooter comes with a double seat, then you can carry customers.

Are the mobility scooters insured?

Yes, most of the scooters are insured for mechanical failures. However, the insurance depends on the manufacturer mostly. We recommend you to be assured about it before buying.

Can I drive the mobility scooter in the rain or snow?

Most of the scooters are slowly drivable in low rain or snow. However, it is prohibited to drive in heavy rain and deep snow.

What is the highest weight allowed to ride a scooter?

The weight of the scooter varies on the scooter. Normally, the weight capability of the mobility scooters varies from 250 lbs. to 330 lbs.

​Final Words

The mobility scooters are an important part of life for many peoples. That is why a scooter requires to be chosen carefully according to the needs of the user. The above mentioned best mobility scooters for outdoors have been chosen carefully with proper research, and you should find a suitable scooter for you or your loved one. You can pick any of these scooters according to your preference and budget. We ensure you that you will not be disheartened.

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