Electric Scooter vs Electric Bike – Pros,Cons and Features

Maybe you are waiting to know which is the most convenient among electric scooter vs electric bike. One thing you can't deny, both of them can give you a commuting ride. Try electric scooter vs electric bike reddit, but you won't get any direct suggestion from any of the subreddit. It's only because both scooters and bikes can give a perfect commuting experience. But the difference comes in other ways. 

Recently, we use to see a lot of growth in the electric scooter and the bike sector, but their use has been increasing in many folds. Let's see how they are different in their service. 

Electric Scooter Vs Bike: Learn the Dissimilarities

Whenever you have two choices but have to find one, there is no better way to find dissimilarities. Both e-scooter and e-bike have the same function to run them. They both are popular for commuting. But there is no other way to find the better one for you other than comparing their dissimilarities. 


Whenever we plan to purchase a brand-new vehicle, the first thing you need to ask is its price. Both electric scooters and bikes have some areas where you have to invest money. Let’s see the differences between their expenses.


The price of an electric scooter is anything between $100-$1000. But Most of the case, you'll get the electric scooter for kids around $100-$200. They offer less speed and have less capability of carrying heavyweight. However, the decent electric scooters have a price of around $300-$500. You'll see some of the best pro scooters in this price range.

In contrast, an electric bike will cost more than $500. It's the minimum price range start for an e-bike. There are varieties of the price for an e-bike. To get the best electric bike, you may need to spend around $3500. Even an electric bike for hills demands far more price than the best electric scooter for hills

Electricity Charge

E-scooter needs 0.5 KW to fully charged up the battery. This consumption of electricity may cost a maximum of 5 cents per charge. Most of the decent e-scooters have a milage of 15 miles. We don't usually go for 15 miles in a day for commuting or office. Let's say, 5 cents for 2 days. At this rate, the yearly cost will be $10. It doesn't seem a luxury. 

E-bikes have larger batteries, and they need 2 KW to fully charged up the battery. So, per charge, it will cost 20 cents. In bare eyes, it looks far more than an e-scooter. But keep one thing in your head, larger batteries can hold more charge. 

Servicing Cost

Do you know which one cost more for servicing kick scooter vs electric scooter? Most of you will say electric scooter. But it's not correct. Most of the kick scooters don't provide premium quality parts, which a decent electric scooter provides. E-scooters don't need heavy servicing. All they need some excellent washing and ensure the tires have the right shape. Otherwise, they will get flat.

A standard bike needs more maintenance than a kick scooter. Just like it, e-bike needs more servicing. Chain and tires need special attention every week. Also, don't forget to take your bike to servicing centers for checking the condition of gear, brake, and brake cables.


Electric scooters are known for their commuting ability; they are very must efficient on the jampacked road. But they have less milage than an e-bike. It is understandable why. Most of the electric scooters have a milage of 10-20 miles. Xiaomi Mi e-scooter has 18.6 mileage. But if you need an e-scooter only for commuting, anything above 10 miles is suitable. 

In contrast, an electric bike offers 25-70 miles milage. If you have a commuting range of anything between 15-20 miles or more, an e-bike is a better choice. Also, electric bikes for hills don't consume a lot of batteries because they have pedal assist. But e-scooter drains lot battery on hilly track. 

Stability and Safety

Do you have confusion on electric scooter vs bike safety? Then, the main thing you should look for in bicycle vs scooter is which has more stability. Typically, the scooter is a lighter one and is to carry. But riding at high speed can make it wobbly. So, no way to take a handoff from the handlebar during riding on an e-scooter. 

On the other hand, an e-bike is inherently more stable as more weight and wheels are larger. No chance to fall into any potholes. 


E-scooters are smaller than an e-bike. Even they are lighter. On the other hand, the e-bike is larger and has much weight. But this portability has different issues also. AS an e-scooter is small, you can carry anywhere. Even if you want, you can easily take them on a bus. They barely need any space. But for an e-bike, it won't be possible. Even most of the e-bikes don't fit into an elevator. 

Now come to the disadvantage of being small in size. Anybody could steal the scooter even if you locked it down. But stealing an e-bike is not possible for its larger size. 

FAQs about E-scooter

1. Are electric scooters safer than bikes?

Typically, e-scooters are lighter than e-bikes. But riding at high speed can make it wobbly. So, no way to take a handoff from the handlebar during riding on an e-scooter. E-bikes are inherently more stable as it has more weight and wheels are larger. No chance to fall into any potholes.

2. Are electric scooters faster than Bikes?

The electric scooters we see in the market offer maximum of 15-20 miles per hour. But e-bike offers far more speed than e-scooter as well as milage. 

Final Thought 

You can compare it to a battle, but I will say they both offer some innovative features. For shorter commutes and no problem with riding on a scooter, an e-scooter will be a better choice. But anything above 15 miles, I would rather say, try an electric bike. 

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