How to Fix a Mobility Scooter : Most Common Problems and Solutions

Do you have a scooter? And you want to know how to fix a mobility scooter? No problem, we can help you a lot about this. A decent mobility scooter is genuinely simple to keep up. It doesn't have an unpredictable system of wires and buzzing gizmos like a vehicle. However, it can at present reason you a ton of dissatisfaction if that it builds up an issue and you can't make sense of what's causing it.

Most mobility scooters proprietors have had different issues eventually including lights not working, scooter not start, solidified wheels, consistent signaling sounds, etc. We briefly discuss the most common problems and their solutions to the mobility scooter.

fix mobility scooter

How to fix a mobility scooter

We made a proper guide to fix different problems of the mobility scooter. Read it carefully for better support.

1.  Battery    

The most well-known reason for mobility scooter breakdowns is the battery. With steady charging and discharging, bike batteries lose their capacity to hold a charge.

You should check the battery connections with ensuring they are secure and situated appropriately. You'll be astounded how regularly they work free or the battery pack hasn't been situated accurately. If the connections are secure, you should check the battery voltage with a multimeter. In the event that the battery voltage estimates under 11.8, the battery is under 25% charged.

If further charging does not improve the perusing, the battery or the charger might be faulty and should be supplanted. Batteries are anything but difficult to change and you ought to have the option to acquire another one from your local service center.

2.  Loose Connection

Here and there the issue is only a loose connection someplace that continues removing the power.  One approach to realize it's a loose connection is if the scooter cuts off when you hit a knock or go down a kerb. The effect disengages the free wire. Restarting the bike may make it go again until you hit the following bump or kerb.

If you can, check for any loose wires connecting the engine or battery. Open up the battery and engine compartments. Then check whether any of the wires feel loose or looks strange. If you can't discover any, request a technician to investigate.

3.  Engine fault

The engine is one of the hardest segments of a mobility scooter. It's hard for it to flop yet not feasible. The most well-known purpose behind engine failure is dampness infiltration. The engine lodging will regularly be shielded from dampness. However, dampness can discover its way in if the engine is presented to a great deal of water or submerged in it.

Coordinating a hose towards the engine, leaving the scooter in the rain or driving in profound puddles would all be able to make the engine come up short which at that point slices off capacity to the wheels.

You can disclose to it's an engine failure when the battery measure appears there is a charge and you can't discover any lose connection.

Try not to endeavor this fix yourself, new engines are not costly to fit and it will give you the true serenity realizing that your scooter has been fixed by an expert and won't separate while being used.

4.  Switch Fault

A faulty switch is a typical issue of mobility scooter. They are presented to the components and inclined to consumption. This can cause the ignition key to stick or sever. If you have a severed key in the start, it can frequently be securely evacuated by utilizing a couple of tweezers.

A defective switch can make the scooter either stop all of a sudden or neglect to begin. Here and there it can even toss the scooter into a turn around without you doing anything.

If you are unable to evacuate the key, you can even now begin the scooter by utilizing a couple of needle-nose forceps to wind the leader of the messed up key, enabling you to keep utilizing the scooter until you get an opportunity to fix it appropriately.

It might have taken some dampness or you may have greased up it. But never grease up the switch. Cleaning it may tackle the issue or you may need to purchase another switch.

Most issues will introduce themselves early, permitting you a lot of time for further examination. If all else fails, dependably counsel your nearby mobility scooter fix expert who ought to have the option to give further advice about a conceivable fix.

5.  Faulty Tyre

Mobility scooters are hard wearing and are intended to last a large number of miles. However, will, in any case, need supplanting every once in a while.

Tires ought to be checked normally, particularly around the sidewalls and track for indications of wear. If you see the tires are split or the track example is worn, it is astute to get the tires supplanted before you experience a cut.

Worn tires can likewise influence braking execution and cornering dependability. So don't put off checking your tires and don't run your bike with worn ones. Having your scooter adjusted on a customary, yearly premise will guarantee any ragged tires get the consideration they need.

Things to consider

  • ​If you have a lack of knowledge of electrician work, avoid any risk and don't contact anything with wires.
  • ​Leave any harmed electrical units to the experts on the grounds that over the long haul it will be less expensive.
  • ​You would prefer not to lead any fixes if you are in part uncertain of what you are doing, particularly if it includes parts that could harm or badly arranged the user.


The utilization of mobility scooters has turned out to be progressively mainstream at present furnishing many disabled persons with help to the outside world. Besides, many people interested in using the vehicle. As an owner of like this vehicle, you should know how to fix a mobility scooter.

You are simply moving along when without notice the engine cuts off and the mobility scooter halts. For certain users, it happens when they are going up or down a kerb. For other people, it's bound to happen when going up an incline. For some others, it simply happens to pay little mind to where they are.

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