How to Fold Unfold a Razor Scooter – Step by Step Process

The Razor is one of the most reliable names in the kick scooter and electric scooter industry. They are producing quality scooters at a reasonable price for the consumers. The Razor scooters are user-friendly and well-engineered to ensure a smooth riding experience. Almost all the razor scooters are foldable so that the rider can easily store or transport it as needed.

It can be a little bit confusing to fold a razor scooter if you have no previous experience with it. Trying to fold the scooter in the wrong way can damage the scooter as well as cause physical injuries. Below, we will show How to Fold a Razor Scooter in some easy steps. We will also discuss how to unfold the scooter. Keep reading to grasp the procedures.

How to Fold a Razor Scooter

Here are the steps that you require to follow while folding the razor scooter:

Slide-out the grips

At the very first step, you need to slide out the grips. In case you don't know, the grips are the part of the handlebar where you put the hands while riding. They help you to balance on the scooter as well as change the direction.  You can easily slide out the grips by pushing the release button on the T-tube.

Slide down the handlebar

The handlebar or T-tube is one of the essential parts of the scooter. It accommodates the grips, holds the components, and helps the rider to balance on the deck. Folding the scooter means pulling down the T-bar for easier carrying, transportation, or storage.

Generally, there is a quick-release lever in the razor scooters, which lets you unclamp the tube. Press the quick-release lever and push the handlebar down. After the handlebar of the scooter is collapsed, the prominent size of the scooter will become smaller.

Complete the fold

You are almost done. Put the scooter in an upside-down position and then place the hand at the handlebar. Then gently push the joint release lever with your hand. Now the scooter is carrying or transportation. Make sure to lock all the moving parts as they can cause issues while carrying.

How to Unfold a Razor Scooter

Unfolding the razor scooter is also straightforward as folding it. You will basically need to reverse the procedure of folding. However, it can also damage the scooter if done recklessly. So, here is the ideal way of unfolding the razor scooter.

Note that there can be two types of unfolding mechanism in the razor scooters. We will discuss them below. Here is how you should unfold the scooters that arrive with uniform unfolding mechanism:

  • Start with holding the t-tube of the scooter straight with your one hand. Try to have some distance clearance to avoid injuries and damages in the scooter.
  • Then push the footrest of the scooter downwards using the other hand. You will need to apply gentle pressure for doing so.
  • Now pull the release lever at upwards to fix the scooter. After doing so, the scooter tube should be ejected and ready to ride. You may hear a click sound in some models if you have successfully unfolded the scooter.

Here is how you should unfold the scooter that arrives with different mechanism:

  • Start with twisting the throttle of the scooter to make it ready for the unfolding.
  • Now, based on the variants of the model, you will need to either lower or raise the handlebar. You can do this by utilizing the push button or the quick-release button.
  • Now use the central button or foot slide depending on the model of the scooter to complete the procedure. The scooter should be ready to ride then.

Note that different parts of the scooter like the quick release, push-button, the central button can be delicate, and they can be easily damaged if you handle carelessly. Only apply the required amount of power while working with them.

Folding and unfolding the scooter is a straightforward procedure. It is briefly described in the user manual of the vehicle. However, for additional assistance, hopefully, the above-write up will be useful for you.

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