How to Increase Speed of Electric Scooter

The electric scooter offers you a wide range of benefits. It makes commuting more comfortable and convenient in busy cities. It is also one of the cheapest mediums of transportation as don’t need any fuel, expect the electric charge. Also, using an electric scooter instead of the traditional medium of transportation is a great way to keep your environment safe as it doesn’t produce any carbon-di-oxide.

As a small and compact vehicle, the speed of the electric scooter is limited to a specific range to avoid accident and injuries. However, it may be possible to increase the speed of the e-scooter a bit. So, how to increase speed of electric scooter? Keep going through the articles to know how to do it. 

How Fast can the Electric Scooter Go?

The electric scooters are designed to ensure you a decent and comfortable using experience. Moreover, the vehicle is made lightweight and compact so that you can easily lift it on demand. The only drawback of the e-scooters is they are not that fast. We can say that the electric scooter can be an equivalent to the bicycle, rather than an electric bike. The reason behind the slow speed is the weak motor of the device. 

Moreover, the battery of the e-scooters is also not that powerful for faster riding. These components are not that strong because of the price point of the usual electric scooters. Moreover, it can be quite hard to control the scooter at high speed as the centre of gravity will be in front of the user. That is why the electric scooters arrive at a slower pace.

The maximum speed of most of the electric scooters available in the market varies from 15 to 20 MPH. However, the speed can change on a large scale from model to model. Some premium-grade electric scooter can even go at a speed of the extremely expensive motorcycles. If you are going to buy an electric scooter at the average price, then you can expect a better speed then the bicycle. 

How to Increase Speed of Electric Scooter?

The slow speed of the electric scooter may be a deal-breaker for some of the adventurous. If you are not happy with the electric scooter’s speed, you may try increasing the speed by bringing some changes and customization in the vehicle. Below, we will discuss some steps that you can take to increase the speed of the electric scooter. 

Upgrade the Battery

Upgrading the battery of your electric scooter can be an effective way to make it go faster. Depending on the models of the electric scooter, the battery power can vary around 24 to 48 volts. Usually, most of the scooter in the market arrives with a 24V battery. So, you can try replacing it with the one that brings more power. The battery can help to increase the speed of the vehicle by offering more electric powers. However, you need to be cautious while doing so. 

Changing the battery of the electric scooter is pretty complicated, and there are chances of issues while doing so. Moreover, replacing the battery doesn’t always guarantee you a better performance as the things will also depend on the motor and controller mechanism. The controller mechanism defines how much electricity can be utilized by the battery at the same time. Highly powerful batteries can sometimes burn the controller. 

Remove the Speed Limiter

The electric scooters sometimes arrive with a speed limiter for a variety of reasons. Especially, in most of the States, the speed is restricted to a specific range for safety precaution. The e-scooter brands limit the speed to comply with the regulations. They mostly use the speed limiter to restrict the speed on a certain range. The feature doesn’t allow the engine to work in its full capacity. However, by removing the speed limiter, you can enjoy top speed. 

The electric scooters may use different technology or approaches to control the speed of the scooter. Some of them include a sensor in the driving wheel. You may try to make some changes in the sensor to operate the scooter at full speed. However, it can be pretty hard for anyone without any experience of electronics. It is better to call an expert to help you to do it. 

Equip an Extra Battery

If you give a closer notice to the electric scooter, you will find that the vehicle goes at a faster speed when it starts. However, the speed becomes low during the end of the ride. That is because the included battery in the scooter gets depleted. You can add an extra battery in the scooter to enhance the speed. Some of the e-scooters even include different slots to put the battery. It is a much safer option than upgrading the battery. 

Update the Firmware

There is firmware in the electric scooter that is connected with all the control works. Some popular scooter models often had an original firmware modified by users. They changed version offers you better functionality and may increase the speed of the electric scooter. It works by increasing the constant power of the motor, letting it produce more torque and achieve a higher speed. As an example, the Xioami M365 has a modified firmware online. 

Rewind the Motor

You can modify the motor of the electric scooter to make it go faster. The procedure is known as rewinding the electric scooter. You can easily increase the speed of the vehicle by increasing the winding number in the motor. Moreover, rewinding can also help to solve short issues in the motor, which cause overheating. A lot of users often implements the method as it is most effective.

If you are thinking about doing so, then you must need a professional for this work. Motor rewinding is pretty complicated, and trying to do it from your own can cause severe damage to the motor. So, unless you are a professional, avoid rewinding the engine from your own. 

Change the Sprockets

Changing the sprocket of the electric scooter can also help you to increase the speed. You will need to go for a bigger sprocket that will assist you to go some extra kilometres per hour. The process is pretty safe and cheap too. As the sprockets are available in the market, you can easily find these anywhere. It also requires minimal knowledge for the alteration. Make sure to have the bigger sprockets on the front and a shorter one on the back. 


The electric scooters are not a toy anymore. It can be a great companion for anyone who needs to commute daily. We hope that the above pieces of paragraphs will help you to increase the speed of the electric scooter. 

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