How To Ride Electric Scooter – A Proper Guide For Beginners

The electric scooter is a fantastic piece of construction which allows you to commute most conveniently. The best thing about the vehicle is it is good for our environment. The other vehicles are producing harmful chemicals when the electric scooter doesn't produce anything at all. Apart from being an eco-friendly product, it also allows you to keep your body fit as you can ride it without turning on the engine too. It can also help you to go through a busy and traffic filled road quickly. The electric bikes nowadays are highly optimized to provide you comfortable and safe riding experience.Keep reading this article to know how to ride electric scooter.

After reading the above description, you may want to buy an electric scooter. If you have made up your mind to buy an electric scooter, then we will suggest you read the guide about How to Ride Electric Scooter. Below, we will give you a step by step guide which can help you to learn scooter riding within hours.

Before you start

The electric scooter comes in the same shape as like as the kick scooters, butit has an entirely different operating mechanism. So, at first, we will recommend you to start with learning the basics about the electric scooter.

The electric scooter usually includes a power switch to turn on the scooter. It uses a battery to power the motor. The battery stays at a compartment near the deck, and it is connected with the switch with wires. There will be acceleration switch on the scooter which will allow you to accelerate the speed of the scooter. Moreover, there will be a brake to stop the scooter as required.

Wear safety kits

Before you learn how to ride electric scooter, the first thing you need to do is wear the safety gears. Electric scooter causes a lot of accident every year, but that is mainly because of using the vehicle without wearing the safety gears. One of the most essential safety kits that you need to wear while riding a scooter is the helmet. It will keep your head protected, the most significant part of your body, during an accident. Also, wear other safety kits such as knee pads, hand gloves, goggles, etc. if possible. They will ensure a safe ride for you.

Apart from the safety gears, it is also essential to wear proper clothing while learning the scooter. It is better to wear dresses which cover your arms and legs. Though not efficient, it can provide you the basic prevention in case you fall from the scooter.

Choose a proper place to ride

Choosing the right place for practicing scooting is also necessary. Avoid any roads and choose an open place. We will recommend you to avoid any area where there is a lot of traffic. An empty parking lot can also be a great place to learn electrical scooter riding.

Practice with a partner

We recommend you to bring a partner with you while learning the scooter. Especially if you have a friend who has experience about the electric scooter, take him with you while learning. He will help you to in acquiring the scooter practically. Besides, in case of any emergency or issues, he can assist you.

Learn about acceleration and brake

Accelerator and brake are two crucial components of the electric scooter. You need to know how to use them before learning how to ride electric scooter. Acceleration means increasing the speed of the scooter on a specific order. When you tap the acceleration switch, the torque of the motor will be increased gradually, which will also increase the speed of the scooter. It will keep speeding up the scooter up to its highest speed.

Almost all of know about the brake. Brake is used to stop the vehicle or lessen the speed. Electric scooters usually come with a disc brake. However, some premium grade scooter may come with a hydraulic brake, which is very powerful. The disc brake is also efficient and allows you to stop the vehicle easily.

Fully Charge the scooter

The step is also important. Make sure that the scooter is fully charged. If you just bought the scooter then charge it for the required hours as the manufacturer mentioned. Even if you are not riding it, recharge the scooter for once at every week. It will keep the battery of the scooter functional for a long time.

Stand on the scooter

Now let's proceed to the aim point of the article. Properly standing on the scooter is very vital for balancing and controlling the scooter. If you have previous experience about the kick scooter, then you know how to do it. Place your strong foot on the deck of the scooter while standing upright. Your eyes should be in the forward direction in this time.

Start riding

Turn on the scooter by clicking the switch. As the scooter start moving, bring the other foot on the deck. Your stronger foot should be on the front of the deck, and the other one should be on the back of it. You don't need to bend your knees as like as you do in the kick scooters. You can stand comfortably on the scooter with ease.

Using the brake and the acceleration

After starting the scooter, it will start going at a specific speed. You will need to press the acceleration button if you want to speed up the scooter. Press the button on the right handle with the thumb finger of your right hand. Keep the finger on the switch as long as you want to increase the speed. Stop pressing the switch when you reach your desired speed.

The brake button is on the left handle of the scooter. Press the switch with your left thumb finger to slow down the scooter gradually. Some scooter also includes a brake on the rear fender wheel. You can use this brake to slow down the faster. You will need to apply pressure with your back foot on the wheel to use the brake.

You can change the direction of the scooter by merely turning the handlebar. If you want to go to the left, then turn the handlebar to the left and do the opposite to turn right. Make sure to slow down the scooter while turning to prevent falling.

The electric scooter is not that hard to learn. Practicing one day will make you moderately expert to ride the vehicle on the road. However, we will suggest you practice in an open field to learn the scooter thoroughly. Then you can start commuting with it on the neighborhood and gradually begin riding on the road.

Get a license if required

Depending on the states, you may need a license to ride the scooter on the road. After fully learning the scooter, you can apply for the license. However, if the scooter is under 50cc, then you may not need the license in most of the places.

While riding the scooter, make sure that you are obeying the traffic rules to prevent any accident. Follow the signs on the road and ride by following these. You can understand the roadside signs by learning about them from the internet. Also, while riding on the sidewalks, go at a slow speed to avoid Collison with the traffics.

Make sure that the area you are living in allows riding a scooter. In some states, riding the scooter is not allowed on the road.

Safety tips for the electric scooters

According to various sources, electric scooter causes a significant number of accident and life-threating injuries every year. However, as we said, these injuries are mostly occurred because of not following the safety concerns while riding or using the safety kits. Here are some of the critical electric scooter safety tips that will help you to stay safe when you are on an electric scooter. 

  • ​The tires of the electric scooter can wear out quicker than the kick scooter. So frequently check the tire of the scooter to find out whether it is okay or not.
  • ​Apart from the tires, give a check to the whole scooter every month to be assured about the part of the scooters. Check the batteries, wires, brakes, accelerator, handlebar, etc.
  • ​Check the scooter every time before you are going for a ride. It doesn't need to be in-depth. Just give a careful look to find out whether it is okay or not. Make sure that the scooter is fully charged so that you can operate it.
  • ​Be assured about the range of the scooter. While riding, check the battery indicator and the mileage. Else, the scooter may stop working on the middle of nowhere due to a low battery.
  • ​Give a closer look at the Surroundings and plan your next move. Look out for any obstacles and passersby and don't lose your focus while riding.

The electric scooter is one of the best ways of commuting around a small area. Hopefully, the above guide on how to Ride Electric Scooter will be helpful for you.

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