Razor Pro RDS Dirt Scooter Review (In-depth) for 2020

Dirt Scooter has come for those teenagers who love to play with more adventures rough and tough terrains. It is comparatively newer as a scooting game which is overcome the limit of pavements and skate parking. So, The Razor Pro RDS Scooter review is essential to fulfilling the off-road demand of your child.

It is more advanced off-road scooter performs best for thrilling lover child. Similarly, this scooter can be helpful for aged persons too—very convenient scooter for the child and no need to be expert to start with it.

Today I am sharing with you all about the best Razor Pro RDS Dirt Scooter. At the same time, I will inform you of the benefits and most considering things to choose a best dirt scooter. So, keep reading this post.

Razor Pro RDS Dirt Scooter Review

 Quick Specification:

  • Overall Dimension: 33 (L) x 34 (W) x 19.5 (H) inches
  • Handlebar measurement: 19.5” (W), 30” (L)
  • Deck measurement: 4.75” (W), 20.75” (L)
  • Weight capability: 220 pounds (Normal Riding), 120 pounds (Aggressive Riding)
  • Product Weight: 11.5 pounds
  • Material: lightweight aluminum

Are you looking for a dirt scooter for using in both regular and the rough terrain on the off-road? I would say the Pro RDS dirt scooter from the Razor is best choice for you. I am impressed with its high-quality design, function and performance. In a word, it is such a dedicated scooter which can give you excellent services during off-roading or skate parking. However, let’s know what is providing us with this RDS scooter.

Firstly, I would say about the superior quality comfortable deck made from the airplane grade aluminum materials. And it’s lightweight is very booster to increase the rider’s expertise. Plus, you don’t have to struggle to ride this bike in any terrains. You will get more a comfortable soft-lined rubber grip tape entire the whole deck surface.

Now come to the handlebar style, it has a fantastic Y-style and robust handlebar with the lightweight aluminum. The aluminum handlebar can reduce the overall weight of a scooter. Hence, A triple stacked headtube is connected between the deck and handlebar. The headtube will ensure you more stability and folding benefits. Your bike will be safe and stable after the rides.

Secondly, I need to say about another essential factor are its wheel. Razor RDS dirty scooter comes with the 200 mm pneumatic specialized tiers with 60 psi. Fortunately, these wheels have also Nylon 6 (PA 6) hubs to stay more durable during riding. It is the superior scooter to overcome the maximum dirty materials when riding. Good to know that this scooter can bear up to 120 pounds without any hassle.

All in all, I found this Razor scooter as a stunt and dirt scooter. Most importantly, I believe this scooter can cause every child’s happiness and fun.

The most notable features of Razor Dirt Scooter

  • Designed for off-road, dirt road and rough terrain as well the smoother surfaces.
  • Durable 200 mm pneumatic 60 psi tires ensure long-lasting feature
  • The triple staked headtube provides a sturdy joint between the deck and handle.
  • It is a great performer both as a stunt and dirt scooter
  • A younger and older person both can use it with comfort
  • It Comes with soft rubber grips and tubular BMX steel fork.
  • Fixed Y-style handlebar with soft rubber grips
  • Up to 120 pounds weight-bearing power
  • Unique style and eye-catchy color to the child.
  • Durable steel with soft rubber grip

What We Liked 

  • Suitable for all types of terrains like skate park, dirty field or smooth pavements.
  • Durable, lightweight and heavy-duty aluminum frame 
  • Classic fender braking system to ensure higher safety 
  • Maximum pre-assembled
  • Specialized tires and Y-style handlebar

What We Didn't Like

  • It has no folding benefits like other scooter
  • A little bit shorter for the taller riders

For Whom Razor Dirt Scooter

As a dirt scooter is unique than another bike like a stunt, so you have to know is you need it? I suggest you buy this scooter if you are an adventure lover and would like to learn all of the new scooting gaming methods. As well as, remember the fact that you need to know the essential scooting power. I don’t mean that you have to be an expert. But the basics are crucial.

Never, go with it at your first scooting journey. I recommend to use it with proper care because it is faster to go through the many kinds of areas.

Besides, this razor scooteris more substantial and a bit heavier than stunt scooter. So, the little kids or child can rarely use it. Keep in mind; Razor dirt is best for the teenagers and also young persons.

Why you choose the Razor Pro RDS Dirt Scooter

Even though a heavy scooter from Razor brands is available in the nearest market. But why you should buy this specific model of razor rds all-terrain dirt scooter? Yes! It has a few logical reasons. I have bought it for my 13 years old son. He loves rough terrain to be expert gradually.

Similarly, he needs to go to several places to cross the dirt road or places. I notice that this model is quite perfect for fulfilling all of my son’s demands. So, you also should know the specialty.


Without proper adjusting with scooter weight, you can’t control it. Luckily, this scooter comes with appropriate adjustable weight for teenagers. Although Razor dirt is a little bit heavy than stunt models. But very convenient to handle. At the same time, remember that a bit heavier scooter is suitable for rough terrain.


One of another great reason that it has arrived with tested steel and aluminum materials. Both documents are best for the scooter. So, it can stand out over after years. Besides, you don’t need more tension about maintenance. And the handlebar and deck warped with soft-rubber grip material. Which is very comfortable.

Weight Bearing capacity

It can carry more weight than any other scooter. But this capacity may vary according to the scooter speed. It is good to know that if the rate is too high, it will reduce the carrying capacity. For example, this scooter can bear 220 pounds for Normal Riding and 120 pounds for high-speed riding.

Wheels and Tires

Primarily, the wheels and tires make differences among this scooter and other models. Razor dirt scooter tireswheels are comparatively more substantial in size and the tires are filled with air. The manufacturing company designed this model, especially for the rough terrain. That’s why the high rebound PU with the more robust hub is using with the wheels and tires. Besides, this scooter has great treads for saving the tires for emergency case.

Handlebar Styles

It comes with a very stylish and taller handlebar with the soft rubber grip. The Y-shape handlebar design is accessible to all. Although a large number of people love the straight flat handle. But I like most Y-bar handle. I am sure you feel comfortable to use it.


Lastly, I am talking about its price. Price does matter when you would like to get the best one within the limited budget. So, luckily you are getting this item within a very reasonable price.

Most importantly, this bike is offering excellent features at less price. Similarly, product quality is too good.

Safety Tips for Razor Dirt scooter

There is no reason to compare this dirt scooter to another bike. Because this scooter has naturally some dangerous as it runs on the rough terrain. Even though the maximum bike comes without a safety standard. But proper safety maintenance can keep you safe.

  • Check all parts of your scooter before riding
  • Cover the knee and elbow with soft pads
  • Handle the speeds based on the terrain
  • Don’t bear additional weight into this scooter
  • Wear helmet


What is a dirt scooter?

It is a unique and robust riding device to provide you to ride on the dirt BMX tracks and several tight places as well as it allows you to roam on the paved smooth road. Its fully-welded durable aluminum frame materials can bear an extreme level of riding pressure.

Where should scooter handles be?

According to the general thumbs, bar scooter rules your dirt scooter should be at the height of your waist when you are standing on the deck. It suggested enjoying maximum comfort and excellent riding. Remember the bars should not above the size. It can cause hurt on the rider’s face.

Final Words:

The bottom line is that Razor Pro RDS Dirt Scooter review of the real user is your great assistant to justify this fantastic scooter. I believe you will maximum benefitted with this scooter. Most importantly, you can use this bike for a multipurpose reason like shopping, roaming skating and land surfing. If you have any recommendation, suggestion then let me know. And if this post is helpful, you can share with your nearest person.

Remember, ensuring a safe riding is your responsibility too. So, stay alert to choose any device and operate it very carefully.

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