10 Popular Scooter Tricks for Beginners

Scooter stunts are some of the most fun-filled and thrilling activities that you may want to perform too. However, it will be quite difficult to start doing out-of-the-world stunts as a novice. However, there are some easy tricks that you can start practicing to make your way to pro stunt activities.

In today’s write-up, we will let you know about 10 most popular scooter tricks for beginners which are pretty easy and risk-free to perform. Check out the detailed guide on how to perform these tricks.

1. The Bunny Hop

The bunny hop is one of the fewest beginner-friendly scooter tricks that anyone can learn quickly. The trick consists of flying with the scooter in the air. By learning the Bunny Hop scooter trick, you can make yourself ready for such other tips like Whips and Grinds. Below, we will let you know how to practice the scooter trick. At first, go to a free area which will be free from traffic.

Begin with kicking the scooter to start moving at a little slower speed. Then bend your knees and thrust and tend to have a jumping position. Make sure that your feet are on the deck while doing so. Then pull the handles of the scooter to lift the scooter off the ground around three meters. Then put force on the back wheel to lift it off the ground.

Now while dropping on the ground, make sure that both of the wheels of the scooter are touching the scooter at the same time. Hold the handlebar strongly while keeping both feet on the deck to keep going in the upright direction. That’s it, you have successfully completed the bunny hop scooter trick.

2. No Hander

That is another easy scooter trick to acquire for beginners. However, it will require long-term practice and patience. Here is how to perform the No Hander scooter trick:

  • Begin with jumping off the scooter while your knees aretightened around the handlebar. While doing so, your hand should be on the handles. Repeat this step a few times until you are fully comfortable with it.
  • Now try the do the same thing without holding the grip. Your arms should be stretch widely while doing so.
  • Keep your eyes on the handlebar carefully while you are in the air. Then grab the handlebar grip before the scooter touch the ground. Also, loosen your knees so that you can stand on the scooter perfectly when it lands.

As we said earlier, the trick may be easy but you will require much practice to perform the trick smoothly.

3. No Footer Trick

That one is the most common and beginner-friendly scooter trick that you perform easily. Here are the steps that you need to follow to learn the trick:

  • Start by kicking the scooter to acquire a moderate speed. Then jump a suitable height from where you can take the control back easily.
  • When you are at the peak height, take your feet off from the deck and stretch them as wide as possible.
  • Make sure to keep your eyes on the deck so that you can bring your feet back correctly. Then try to land on the deck with full balance.

You can acquire this skill by practicing only a few times.

4. One Hander Trick

It is another straightforward trick where you will require taking your one hand off and spread it out in the air. Here is how to perform the trick:

  • Kick the scooter to achieve a moderate speed and then jump to a convenient height where you can still have the balance.
  • Now take off the left hand from the grip and spread it out as far as possible. In the meantime, you must keep your right hand on the grip to keep the balance steady.
  • Before you start coming back to the ground, keep your eyes on the deck and then land smoothly while keeping your balance upright.

5. Tailwhip Scooter Trick

This one will be a little bit complex but a little practice and patient can help you to perform it. You will need to move the scooter 360-degree to do the trick. It will be a little different as the trick will mostly depend on your arm movement. Here is how to do it:

  • Start scooting and then jump as high as possible by keeping both hands on the grip.
  • Then kick the deck using your toe to make it move.
  • Then accelerate the handlebar using your hands to move the scooter in a circular motion.
  • When it comes back to the previous position, use the rear foot to stop it.
  • Now give attention to the deck so that you can land on the deck safely by regaining the balance.

6. Manual – Riding on the Back-Wheel Trick

As the name suggests, you will need to ride the scooter on the back wheels only. It may sound easy but the adequate practice is required to be decent in it. Specially, you will require learning to hold the scooter at the proper height without losing balance. Here are the steps you need to follow to do a manual scooter trick:

  • Begin riding the scooter normally and then speed up a bit.
  • After that, pull the scooter’s handlebar up using both of your hands.
  • Take an appropriate position on the deck so that you can keep your balance.
  • Now ride the scooter on the rear wheel as long as you can.

The success of the trick mostly depends on your body balance. You can acquire this by practicing a lot.

7. Nose Pivot

Nose Pivot is a way of spinning the deck while not leaving the foot. That means you will spin the deck without jumping into the air. Here is how to score a nose pivot:

  • Begin riding the scooter at a moderate speed.
  • Then secure the position of the handlebar with both hands.
  • Now shift the weight of your body to the front wheel to spin 180%.
  • Make sure that the handlebar will not rotate while doing so.
  • Do another 180% spin to get back your prior position.

8. The Bar Spin Trick

In this trick, you will rotate the scooter at 360-degree around the handlebar. It may seem a little complex at first but you can be fully efficient at the trick by practicing. Here is how to do it:

  • Before you begin, be convenient with the motion of the spin by practicing on the floor. Note that you cannot drop the bar completely while doing so.
  • Begin the riding at a moderate speed and then jump at a comfortable height. Then turn the scooter with your dominant hand.
  • Let the handlebar move at 360 degrees before you regain control. You should be ready to get back the control as soon as the spin ends.
  • Use both hands to grip before landing on the ground. End the trick by smoothly landing on the ground with full balance.

9. Fakie

Fakie is a popular scooter trick that requires proper control and balance. It is also the base of some other scooter tricks. Basically, the trick consists of riding the scooter backward. Here is how to perform the Fakie scooter trick:

  • Position yourself on the deck of the scooter in a straight line.
  • Then roll the scooter back while keeping your balance on the deck.
  • Give attention to the front wheel to properly balance yourself.
  • Try to keep going backward in a straight line but you can slightly turn for maintaining balance.

Fakie is considered the most beginner-friendly scooter trick that doesn't include hard or risky steps. So, if you are a complete novice, then it will be better to start practicing stunts with Fakie.

10. Half Cab Trick

The Half Cab trick is the combination of the Bunny Hop and Fakie. Though it was first established as a skateboard trick, now it is also performed as a scooter trick. Here is how to perform the trick:

  • Start riding the scooter with a fakie and slightly turn the handlebar to the opposite direction of your spin.
  • Now move your eyes over the shoulder to regulate the position of landing. Then turn yourself to the landing direction with a 180-degree bunny hop.
  • Regain the body balance as you land on the scooter. Make sure to keep the weight on the scooter while landing.


Now you have known some of the most popular scooter tricks for beginners which are pretty straightforward and safe. Before you try to perform the tricks, we will recommend you begin by practicing every step separately. Hope the guide will be assisting you to start your journey to pro scooter stunts.

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