Necessity of Using Helmet in Electric Scooter When Riding

Electric scooter is one of the most popular vehicles for the scooter riders in the present world. Generally e-scooter riders ride so fast. Sometimes the riders have to face so many difficulties while riding. That's why most of the countries have its own rules and regulations for riding bike or scooter. Helmets are legally required there especially for the young riders, who are under 18. But some of the adult people do not intend to follow the rules.

Now you may enquire, do you need an electric scooter helmet when riding? Ok, I will explain why helmetis necessary for scooter riding. The details below of the articles will help you to take the decision of using helmet.

Why do you have to use helmets?

As a conscious rider, you should take some precautions for your safety before riding. Helmet is one of them. We know, when a rider rides on the highway, he may face so many dangers because of road hazard, lack of road awareness, unsafe or narrow road, hit by a car and not obeying the traffic rules, reckless driving etc. In this situation, an accident can occur at any time.

The most important part of your body like head or brain, that can be damaged in such an accident. Helmet will help you to protect your head from serious injuries. So it is very important to use helmet while riding.

When should you use helmet?

It is mandatory to use helmet in risky time like,

  • You are riding in high speed.
  • You are riding at night and poor visibility conditions.
  • Riding in bad weather like rainy or stormy day.
  • Riding in unsafe or congested road.

Necessity of using helmet for kids, teenagers and adults

Kids are not ready to ride any vehicle. They can’t sit upright. Children should not ride on a scooter without others help. Helmet is a must for riding time. They are required to wear helmet. Light-weighted helmets are especially suitable for the kids. Teenagers mostly like to ride so fast. So they also need all the safety protection when riding.

Properly fitted and approved helmets are need for them. On the other side, the adults sometimes refuse to use helmet. For this reason they face many unavoidable circumstances or terrible accidents during riding. Therefore, it is mandatory for the adult riders to use helmets.

Perfect helmet for electric scooter

Choose the perfect helmet for your safety or protection. Dutch NTA-8776, Snell M-2010 or DOT FMVSS-218 will give the maximum protection while riding above 20mph is in risk condition. This type of larger or heavier helmet is suitable for e-bike. Besides these, keep in mind that it would be comfortable to wear. This type of helmet will give you the complete protection to your head.

When riding in low speed or under 20mph, light-weighted or safety standard helmet is suitable for you. You can use foldable helmets that can store or unfold easily when required.

Types of helmets

I mention below some types of helmets whichever you can choose for your scooter riding.

Down hills/BMX helmets

A rider can choose Down hills/BMX helmets if his speed is under 20 mph. It ensures high protection or safety for the riders. This type of helmet offers the rider full face coverage or safety.

Full-face electronic scooter helmets

These types of helmets are like BMX or downhill helmets. It is one kind of helmet which extends the jawline and covered the full face. Again open face helmets are quite dangerous because they can’t protect noise, teeth or chin injury. So such types of helmets can save the rider easily.

Moped electric scooter helmet

When your speed is more than 20 mph, you have to need a helmet that requires more protection. In this situation, you will need a Moped electric scooter helmet. It is large and heavy than BMX helmet. But it comparatively gives you more protection. It is ofcourse, a perfect helmet for the high speed riders to mitigate the risky or serious crash.


During choosing a helmet, a scooter rider makes sure that requires all quality materials. It is also important for safety protection as well. Different types of helmet are available in the market which has a variety of color, shape and style. You have to find out your required one from them. I think you have already understood after reading the above article, why you need an electric scooter helmet when riding.

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