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Scooter is an amazing piece of equipment which can help you in many ways. It can be a great companion for you to commute nearby areas easily by beating the traffic. The biggest advantage of the scooter is it is entirely eco-friendly as it doesn’t require any fuels. Besides, scooter also provides you an excellent physical activity. Such properties of the scooter make it one of the most popular medium of moving to a lot of people. Keep reading this article to distinguish what to know when buying a scooter.

If you are going to buy a scooter, then you may feel scattered as there are too many choices available in the market. However, don’t worry; today we will let you know how to choose the best scooter available in the market. We will provide you an in depth scooter buying guide and let you know which thig you should consider while buying a scooter to end up with quality and performance.

Why You Need to Choose the Right Scooter?

Choosing the right scooter is very important to get a reliable performance from it. The scooters are available in different variations. Different variations of the scooter perform well in different situations. You will never get a proper comfort and fun of riding until you choose the suitable scooter for you.

Moreover, you need to consider other aspects about the scooter before buying such as durability, build quality to ensure the longevity of the product. Overall, if you want to get a satisfactory performance from the scooter as well as long-term durability then read our scooter buyers guide and choose it wisely.

What to Know When Buying a Scooter

A scooter is consisting of multiple components. While buying the scooter, considering the component as well as the other aspects about the scooter will help you to end up with the right product. Below, we discussed the most important things to know before buying scooter.


Budget is definitely one of the most vital considerations to make before buying a scooter. Depending on the budget, the quality and features of the scooter varies. Before going to buy the scooter, you should ask yourself how much money you are capable of spends for the scooter. After assuring about your budget, you can be able to choose the scooter. Predefining the budget will help you to pick up the best scooter available in this budget.

Riding Skill

The riding skill of the rider is another big consideration to make before buying the scooter. Defending on the experience of the rider, there are many drones available in the market. The skill of the rider can be divided into three parts which are mentioned in below.

a. Beginner Level 

For a beginner rider, a three wheeled scooter will be an excellent choice. On such types of scooter, the rider will be able to easily balance himself and start learning to ride the vehicle. As the experience grows, he can move up to a two wheeled or more advanced scooter.

b. Medium Level 

There are a wide variety of scooters available in the market for a rider with medium level riding experience. As he has prior experience of riding, he can go for a two wheeled scooter for more thrills and faster speed. If a rider can ride a two wheeled scooter accurately then he is capable of moving to the professional scooters.

c. Pro Level

Here with pro level, we mean the stunting and tricking. If a rider can ride a two wheeled scooter and he is capable of balancing himself at different condition, he can go for a stunt scooter. With such scooter, he or she can perform different cool stunt and tricks. 

Size and Height

Size and height of the scooter are very crucial to consider as the comfort and adaptability of the rider mostly depends on it. The scooters available in the market are categorized depending on the age of the riders. The construction and the size of the scooter vary on a large scale depending on the category. So while buying the scooter, the age limit of the scooter should be checked carefully.

Sometimes, the standard size may not work with some rider due to enhanced growth. For such riders, a test ride may help. Let the rider stand straight on the scooter and ask him to ride it. If he finds the positon comfortable while putting the hands on the handlebar then he can go for it. 

Build Quality

It doesn’t matter whatever you are buying, you expect the thing to last long. That is why you need to consider the build quality of the scooter while buying. The scooter needs to be made of high quality material and the components need to be original so that you can enjoy a long-term performance from the vehicle.


Most of the scooter available in the market comes with aluminum. Such constructions is considered as standard as they material is lightweight and make the scooter easy to ride. Though body part of the scooter is made from aluminum, other parts like deck come with either plastic or nylon polymer construction. Some premium grade scooter may come with carbon fiber construction.


An ideal scooter must be easy to transport from one place to another. While not riding, the rider should be able to carry it easily. This factor of the scooter also allows you to store it easily on a corner of your home or in the trunk of your car while travelling.

Weight and Weight Capacity

When it comes to the scooters, the lower the weight is the better. This property is not only helpful for portability or storage but also make the scooter easy and comfortable to ride. However, the weight of the scooter should not be excessively low as it can make the scooter hard to balance.

Weight capacity of the scooter is another important thing to consider while buying it. Weight capacity defines how much weight the scooter can carry without breaking. Make sure that the scooter is capable of carrying the weight of the rider.

Braking Mechanism

As like as the other vehicles, the scooter is also equipped with a brake to stop the vehicle as required. There are many variation of the brake in the scooter depending on the mechanism. Below, we discussed different types of brake usually used in the scooter.

a. Hand Brakes

Some of the adult kick scooters are equipped with hand brakes. Such brakes are installed on the handlebar and connected with wheels through wires. The advantage of such brakes is they are easy to use as they are very familiar.

b. Foot Brake / Rear Fender Brake

The foot brake is normally known as rear fender brake. As the name suggests, the rear fender brake is installed on the back wheel of the scooter and it is controlled using the foot. Most of the scooter available in the market is equipped with this type of brake. The advantage of the foot brake is it works immediately and requires a little action from the rider.

Handlebar and grip tape

The handlebar of the scooter is the place where the rider keep his hand while riding. It helps him to brakes, change direction, and control the balance. The handlebar of the scooter should to be ergonomic so the rider can comfortably hold it for a long time. It also should include soft and relaxing grip tape to resist fatigue. In some models of the scooter, the handlebar is collapsible so that you can easily store and carry the scooter.

Brand and Distributor

The brand doesn’t matter a lot as per the scooter come with quality construction and provide correct performance. Besides, branded products also cost you a little extra. However, choosing a product with a weighted brand ensures you that you are getting the quality product. When it comes to kick scooter, there are only few brands who mainly demonstrates in the market. Such as the Razor, EXOOTER, Micro, Globber, etc. are some of the top manufacturers of the scooter.

Rider Age

As we previously said, the scooters are mainly categorized depending on the ages of the rider. While riding a scooter, make sure that you have checked the age limit mentioned on its specification. You must choose a scooter which supports the age of the rider. It is highly important for the kids as they grow faster. The scooter may not adapt with the growth of the kid if you choose the wrong size.


If you are buying an electric scooter then it is mandatory to be acknowledged about the speed of the scooter. Specially, if you are buying it for commuting, you may want to have a higher speed. The speed in the scooter varies on different things. However, 30 km/h (19 mph) is the highest speed mostly that you can get from an electric scooter.


Range is another vital consideration that needs to be made if you are choosing an electric scooter. The range of the scooter mostly means how far you can go with it. The range of the scooter depends on its battery life as well as some other things. The highest ever range of a scooter is 80km and the minimum range is around 20km. Check the specification of the scooter before buying to be assured about its range.

Folding Mechanism

If you are going to travel a lot then it should be a good idea to go for a scooter which comes with a folding mechanism. The folding mechanism will help you to fold the scooter within a second so that you can carry it. It also helps you to store the scooter within a small space of your house.

Extra Features You should know

We have mentioned some of the features of the scooter but that is not all. Here are some other features of which can be mentioned under what to know when buying a scooter.

1.  Wheels

Depending on the wheels, there can be two types of scooter which are two wheeled scooter and three wheeled scooter. It is very easy to balance on a three wheeled scooter while it is a little bit challenging on two wheeled scooter. While choosing a scooter, make sure that it is equipped with quality wheels so that they don’t wear out for long-term riding.

2.  Deck

The deck of the scooter is the place in where you put the feet. It is an important part of the scooter which allows helps the rider to balance properly. The deck of the scooter is usually made of plastic or polymer material. Make sure that the scooter you are buying come with a strong deck so that it can resist again the weight of the rider without any issues. It will be better if the deck include anti slip material on the top resist against slipping.

3. Tire

Most of the scooter available in the market currently comes with either plastic or polyurethane wheels. The polyurethane is better than the plastic as it produce better traction and much durable. As like as the wheel, the tire of the scooter also need to be highly durable for a long-term use.

4.  Battery

If you are going to choose an electric scooter, then the battery is a crucial item to consider. The quality of the battery defines how much performance you can get the scooter. Make sure that the scooter comes with a powerful battery so that the scooter can give you a satisfactory performance. Besides, the battery should be durable and has a long lifespan so that you can ride the scooter for a long time.

5.  Lighting

If you are going to ride the scooter at night then lighting is compulsory to ride the scooter safely. If the scooter doesn’t include a light then you can buy it separately. The kid scooter include wheel light which power up while riding the scooter fast.

6.  Suspension

The suspension system of the scooter absorbs the shocks from the road and ensures you a smooth ride. So, if you are going to ride the scooter on bumpy terrains or unpaved roads, then you should choose a scooter with proper suspension system.


Additional accessories allow you increase the functionality of a scooter. Depending on the types of scooter you and add different types of accessories on your scooter. However, note that not all scooters allow you add additional accessories. Some of the scooter accessories include storage compartment, rain cover, and carrying strap, drink holder, etc. You can buy such accessories from nearby scooter shops.

Safety Guide While Riding Scooter

The scooter is a small vehicle but it can cause severe injuries if used wrongly. There are certain safety measures that you must take before riding a scooter. Make sure that you are equipped with proper safety kits before riding a scooter.


The helmet is first and foremost safety gear that you should wear while riding a scooter. In case of any injuries, helmet will resist against any protection to your head, the most important part of your body. You can buy the helmet of the scooter from local shops as well as from the scooter shops.


Though not important, gloves can helps resist fatigue while riding for a long time. Moreover, it provides steady grips for braking and changing direction. If you are living in a cold area, the gloves will be helpful for keeping your hands warm and active.


The googles can help you to keep your eyes safe from the powerful rays of the sun. Moreover, it can resist the flying sands or rock. If you are living in the winter affected area, the goggles can resist itchiness in your eyes due to the coldness.

Knee and Elbow Pads

The knee and elbow pads are important safety equipment which can keep you safe from injury in case you fall from the scooter. Specially, if you are going to ride electric scooter, the knee and elbow pads are must for you to stay safe on the road.


If you are using a scooter for going to work or school, then you may need to leave it for a while. The lock can help you to keep it secure. Scooters lock are available at both online and offline shops. Though not strong, they can work as the primary security.

Night Lights

There are a lot of people who prefer to go out at night. If you are one of them then you must have night lights in the scooter. As scooter is mostly used in the day time, most of them don’t arrive with such lights. However, you can easily install them on the front of the scooter. These lights are powerful and aid you to see what’s in front. 

Frequently Asked Question about Scooter (FAQ)

Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about scooters. We tried to cover all the questions that may come in your mind while choosing a scooter.

1. Which brand scooter is best? 

Scooters have been in the market for a long time, and there are a number of manufacturers producing this vehicle. Some of the best scooter brands are Pheonix, Lucky, Envy, District, and Vokul. They provide the lion's share of the scooters currently available in the market. These brands always manufacture high-quality products to keep their brand reputation up. However, scooters that come with a big brand name may cost you a little much.

2. Which suspension is better for scooters? 

The suspension system is an essential feature of the scooter, which absorbs shocks and vibration from the roads to offer you a smooth riding experience. Typically, the kick scooter comes with a front suspension system, which is equipped at the bottom of the T bar. Due to the construction, the kick scooter can't accommodate a rear or dual suspension. That's why the front suspension is used in such scooters. Choose a scooter that features a bigger suspension for absorbing better shocks and vibrations.

3. Which scooter is best for long ride? 

There are a variety of scooters available in the market which you can choose for long rides. A scooter requires certain features and optimizations to accompany you during extensive journeys. It should be easy to ride, include the right sized handlebar, quality wheels with for better traction, and comfortable grip, which doesn't cause fatigue. Overall, the scooter should offer you better balance, handling, stability, and comfort while riding.

4. Is scooter good for toddlers? 

Toddler scooters are designed with keeping in mind the age and size of the rider. The scooters are nicely optimized so that the little children with less balance and coordination can quickly adopt it. Usually, a toddler scooter comes with a lower deck, three wheels, and ergonomic handle, which ensure the safety and balance of the rider. These scooters are very lightweight and include smooth-rolling wheels so that kids can comfortably ride them.

The safe toy for the kids can be a great way to teach them to balance, coordination, and motor skills, which will be very beneficial in future life.

5. How to fold a kid’s scooter? 

Different kid scooter comes with different folding mechanism. However, most of them include a release button for easier folding of the scooter, which removes or pull down the T bar. Here is how you will do it – adjust the handlebar size to lowest, then press the quick-release button. Then, pull down the scooter, and you are done.

6. How to you stay safe on a scooter?

Scooter is a simple and straightforward ride-on vehicle. But it can be dangerous if you ride recklessly. To ensure your safety on the scooter, always wear a helmet. If possible, equips yourself with goggle, kneepad, and other safety gear to ensure 100% safe. If you are entirely beginner about the scooter, then learn the basics of scooter riding before start riding it.


When compared to the other vehicles out there, the scooter has thousands of benefits. It is fun, it is fast, it is quite and the list goes on. You can even carry it on a bag pack. If you are living in a city while the traffic is always stuck, you will be faster than the other vehicles with the scooter.

So, if you have makes your minds to buy a scooter, then don’t be late. We hope that the Scooter buying guide given above with considering what to know when buying a scooter will assist you choose the suitable one for you.

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